Review: Fort Solis

Fort Solis is a science fiction horror adventure taking place on Mars.

Review: The Invincible

Starward Industries brings us to planet Regis III for this Sci-Fi adventure based on Stanislaw Lem’s novel.

Review: Under the Waves

October 2023: Under the Waves is a narrative adventure game enhanced with explorative elements

Review: Papers Please

October 2023: Papers Please in its mobile version for iOS in review

Review: The Pillars of the Earth

September 2023: Pillars of the Earth allows you to play Ken Follet's famous novel now on Nintendo Switch

Review: Dordogne

July 2023: Dordogne is the perfect game for perfect summer vibes

Review: Norco

Platform Studio Release Played Playstation 5 Geography of Robots November2022 January2023 In the adventure game Norco you play Kay, who returns to her hometown Norco after the death of her mother, in the style of a classic adventure. At first, the game starts harmlessly with the exploration of […]

Review: Chicken-Police

Platform Studio Release Nintendo Switch The Wild Gentlemen Nov 2020 Chicken Police is an adventure attorney game in which the player solves a criminal case in the role of a chicken rooster cop short before his retirement. Characters are human-acting animals living in a 1940s-like film noir world. […]