Short-Review: Pharaoh New Era

March 2023 Short-Review of the remake of the 1999 city builder.

Review: The Last of Us Part I

March 2023 The remake of one of the best games of all times in a review. How does it play only 9 years after the release of the Remastered on PS4

Review: Vampire Survivors

Platform Studio Release Played iOS Poncle December2022 February2023 It was a Monday evening. After appearing on several Game-of-the-Year 2022 lists I decided to download Vampire Survive on mobile. Its for free, Free-2-Play junk, lets see how they do monetarization. Those were my thoughts. 2.5 hours later I really […]

Review: Norco

Platform Studio Release Played Playstation 5 Geography of Robots November2022 January2023 In the adventure game Norco you play Kay, who returns to her hometown Norco after the death of her mother, in the style of a classic adventure. At first, the game starts harmlessly with the exploration of […]