Review: Vampire Survivors


It was a Monday evening. After appearing on several Game-of-the-Year 2022 lists I decided to download Vampire Survive on mobile. Its for free, Free-2-Play junk, lets see how they do monetarization. Those were my thoughts. 2.5 hours later I really decided to do the final run and put the mobile aside. As simple as the game is, as immersive its gameplay loop is. You just control the main character on a top-view pixel-style infinite map. There are multiple characters to select from and each of them start with a single attack, which is automatically fired. Other attacks can be collected from treasure boxes you find or which are revealed after killing stronger enemies. So the only thing to do is moving on the map so that the attack hits enemies which drop diamonds which increase your XP and eventually lead to a level up.

Enemies spawn in higher and higher numbers and ultimately you will be defeated when surrounded by hundreds of them… Game Over… All XP lost.
The only thing remains are the gold coins you collected from treasure boxes which you can invest in permanent buffs, like increased default damage value or health. So far so simple… the key is that with each run and new buffs you further progress and unlock new maps until you reach a point where you are surrounded by hundreds of enemies which you eliminate by all kind of attacks (knife throws, magic bullets, lighting strike, fire-balls,…). Gaming can be so simple. VPS is an excellent games for fans of simple arcade-like experiences and a must have for bullet hell fans.

Moreover the monetarization elements on mobile are fully optional (like watching ads for get a respawn after death once or some extra gold). For me the best arcade game since Crimzon Clover World Explosion.


  • simple and motivating gameplay loop
  • innovative items and weapons
  • free2play mechanics fully optional


  • controls using touch needs some time to accommodate to


Sample Title 85%


“Vampire Survivor is a masterpiece in creating a simple and motivating gameplay loop. Few mechanics, creative weapons and items and a good progression system make it strong mix of arcade action and loop mechanics”

Screenshots: own screen captures