Review: Alan Wake II

Alan Wake II continues the story of the writer who went missing in 2010.

Review: The Legend of Zelda – Tears of the Kingdom

Link returns again to fight Ganon and rescue Hyrule in this sequel to Breath of the Wild

Review: Resident Evil 4-Separate Ways

October 2023: Separate Ways is the story-DLC for Resident Evil 4 letting you follow the story from Ada Wong's perspective

Review: Bramble Mountain King

October 2023: Bramble Mountain King brings a dark Scandinavian folklore story to Nintendo Switch

Review: Resident Evil 4

May 2023: The year of excellent remakes of modern classics continue with the remake of Resident Evil 4

Review: Signalis

April 2023: Signalis is a classic horror game using pixel art style developed by only two developers from Hamburg.

Review: Metroid Prime Remastered

April 2023 In Metroid Prime Remaster Samus Aran explores the world of Tallon IV in the chase for Ridley. How good is the remastered of the 2002 GC original?

Review: The Last of Us Part I

March 2023 The remake of one of the best games of all times in a review. How does it play only 9 years after the release of the Remastered on PS4