Review: Resident Evil 4-Separate Ways


Separate Ways is a story-DLC for Resident Evil 4 (Remake) following the same plot as the original game but this time from the perspective of Ada Wong. Therefore, you will see the same encounters of Leon and Ada as in the original game, but aside from that Ada is visiting the locations and levels like the Spanish villa, the church, or the old factory at different times throughout the playthrough. You start the game when Ada frees Luis from the prison in course of which she gets infected with the plague. As in the main game Luis is the one who knows how to cure it making him Ada’s key ally at the beginning of the game. In the course you also get to know more on Luis’ and Ada’s deal concerning the amber artifact and some more insights on Ada’s Biss Wesker are revealed in addition.

Gameplaywise the game adds a new grabble hook, allowing to traverse the levels more easily at certain points. On the one hand this increases game pacing positively as most of the levels were taken from the main game and this faster passing through them avoids to carefully re-explore the same things again. On the other hand, the feature is used cleverly in gameplay also, as similarly to Leon’s ability to kick stunned enemies, Ada can drag them towards her for finishing them off. Furthermore, the feature is key to success in some of the boss fights as well. The rest of the game remains similar: You also visit the merchant for new weapons and upgrades, craft healing substances and redeem artifacts and crystals found for money.

As Ada is mostly alone on her mission and only occasionally accompanied by Luis the duty of protecting other NPCs (as it was with the president’s daughter Ashley in the main game) drops. As Ashley did not behave always smartly in the main game, I personally rate this as positive change thus adding to the faster flow of the game and avoiding the sometimes-annoying moments of the main game in which you had to protect Ashley from the enemies.

Technically of the same brilliance as the original game, a faster flow thanks to the grapple hook and the excellent way how Ada’s story is intertwined with Leon’s plot make this DLC a must-play and in terms of game design arguably even the better experience over the main game.


  • Ada’s story well intertwined with main plot
  • no NPC-protection missions
  • grapple hook for faster game-pace and well implemented into gameplay
  • good length of around 5-6 hours for one playthrough


  • more action than horror game (same minus as main game)  


Sample Title 92%


“Separate Ways is more than a simple DLC. Enhanced and improved gameplay elements, a story well-connected to the main plot and a good length for a playthrough make it a role model for how to create an even better DLC of an excellent main game”

Screenshots: own screen captures