Review: Fort Solis

PS5Fallen LeafAugust

In the horror adventure Fort Solis you play in the role of Jack Leary and Jessica Appleton, two engineers and scientist, who follow an emergency call from the mining station Fort Solis on Mars.

In the intro you get to know Jack and Jessica who are preparing on a Mars colony for a storm when the emergency call comes in. Once you arrive at Fort Solis it becomes quickly clear that something strange must have happened as no one of the crew can be found and Fort Solis seems deserted.

In the following 3-4 hours you explore Fort Solis in the search for its crew and for traces on what has happened. The game guides you linearly through the different section of the mining station, most of them well designed with atmospheric lighting effects and visuals. You find audio logs and video messages telling you more about what discoveries were made in Fort Solis and their impact on the crew. Occasionally you also leave the station and walk around the surface of Mars through the sandstorm that arrived at the station. There are some short action sequences based on quick time events as well. Those have only limited impact as there is no game over if you fail them. As this is the only part of the gameplay requiring reaction it is quite unfortunate that the timing and precision of the button presses are not designed well. There were multiple occasions where I failed even though I subjectively pressed the button or analog stick correctly.

In addition to the good graphics the audio dialogs between Jack and Jessica add a lot to the game’s atmosphere. Both roles of Jessica and Jack, the latter being voice acted by Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2), come with authentic dialogs and voice acting. Mostly being in contact via radio their relation as colleagues and friends is seamlessly embedded into the narrative.

After a slow paced start the story continuously gains drive especially in the second half of the game, still the narrative could not fully convince me. I also recommend listening to all the audio- and video logs with care as without them the motivation of the characters is not fully comprehensible. Positively to mention is that there is an alternative ending of the game and that the finale itself puts a satisfying ending to the story.


  • immersive atmosphere through graphics and audio design
  • good dialogs and voice cast


  • quick time events not precise
  • story not fully comprehensible/convincing


Sample Title 74%


“Fort Solis is an atmospheric Sci-Fi horror adventure with a strong voice cast and some deficits in the story and quick time events”

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