Review: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


In this remake of the original game released in 2013 you control two brothers throughout their journey in a fantasy world in the mission to find a cure for their sick father. The clue of the game is the controls of the characters as you control each of them with one of the control sticks and one button.

After some time to get accommodated to this unique control scheme it is quite fun to solve puzzles, defeat boss enemies and walk and climb through the different level. The quite linear gameplay in the around 3–4-hour journey mostly convinces by the fairytale story and the variety in the art style of the levels. Puzzles do never pose a real challenge but are well designed and keep a good flow in the progress of the story.

Solid graphics in the remake and a matching soundtrack make this adventure game a short but very good adventure experience.


  • innovative controls well used in puzzles and boss fights
  • variety of  levels in a fairytale world


  • strictly linear
  • new coop mode undermines initial game design idea of dual stick control


Sample Title 80%


“A good remake of the innovative original game from 2013. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons will entertain adventure fans for playthrough of around three to four hours.

Screenshots: own screen captures