Review: Six Ages: Ride Like the Wind

iOSA SharpJune

In Six Ages you lead a tribe forced to settle in a new land. You pray and donate herds and goods to gods and spirits to gain their favor. The game cleverly combines strategy game elements with storybook like adventure elements driving the story forward. You trade good and negotiate for alliances with other tribes, discover more of the unknown land, fight enemies in multiple-choice based battles and try to keep your tribe’s mood up.

The art style of the adventure book like screens is beautiful, the world design with the different gods and tribes is fresh and interesting and the strategic decision to make remain interesting all times throughout a playthrough. Mostly decisions taken have unforeseen consequences which makes them noteworthy but in the same time consequences often feel random as well.

You will barely discover a fraction of the map in one playthrough and every run is very individual. Controls on iPhone work well along all the menus and a calm but matching soundtrack adheres to the overall immersion.

Six Ages is a good journey into a fresh scenario for those willing to have the patience to learn its lore and learn all the facets of its gameplay.


  • fresh scenario
  • good combination of management, adventure and strategy game elements
  • decision making with real impact
  • art style and music contribute to immersion


  • consequences of decisions often feel to be too random
  • strong learning curve
  • world map feels to large


Sample Title 81%


“Six Ages is an interesting mix of storybook, adventure and strategy game for those interested in fresh scenarios and willing to immerse into its lore and mechanics.

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