Review: Super Mario RPG

Dec. 23-Jan. 24

Super Mario RPG is a remake of the 1994 SNES-original. Fully redesigned the game allows you to follow the story around Mario, Browser, Peach and other in course of defeating Smithy who conquered browsers castle and surrounding lands. The RPG elements are minimalistic with focus on hitpoints, power, magic, and use of special items for healing and buffs. However Nintendo manages once more to create a wonderful atmosphere by wonderful graphics, good level-design and a collection of beautiful music tracks.

Some badly designed jump and run sequences in isometric perspective stop the otherwise good flow of the game. Dialogues, battles, and smaller riddles are well balanced but people familiar with RPGs will miss some real challenge as there is only one difficulty which advanced players will consider to be too easy.

Overall, Super Mario RPG is a good remake of a Nintendo classic with excellent graphics and music but only rudimentary PRG gameplay.


  • visually beautiful remake
  • excellent collection of soundtracks
  • variety designed level design


  • very basic RPG gameplay
  • jump and run passages not well designed


Sample Title 82%


“Atmospheric and beautiful designed remake of the SNES original with only very basic RPG gameplay.”

Screenshots: own screen captures