Review: Chicken-Police

Nintendo SwitchThe Wild GentlemenNov 2020

Chicken Police is an adventure attorney game in which the player solves a criminal case in the role of a chicken rooster cop short before his retirement. Characters are human-acting animals living in a 1940s-like film noir world. Besides solving some puzzles and mini-games the game widely is based on dialogs to pogress its story. Some none-liniarity is added by allowing the player to move between different locations of which some are purely optional.

The excellent written dialogs are ehanced by excellent voice acting

For an indie-game Chicken police has an excellent music and voice cast. Especially the latter adds much to the atmosphere as voice greatly combine the stereotypes of the different animal races in the game and the characters role within the main story. The graphics whith their standstill image locations and minimal animations are rock-solid and some cut scenes even .. etc.

The mini-games might bring some additional value to some but somehow feel like an unnecessary atmosphere-breaker. Especially as their controls on switch don’t feel direct enough.

Chicken Police is a very good choice for chill-out game-evenings and those who love story based adventure or attourney games


  • excellent dialog and voice cast
  • black white colors create film noire atmosphere


  • some characters are to cliche
  • mini-games feel like unnatural interruption
  • controls sometimes not direct enough




Excellent adventure game which creates a cozy film noise atmosphere by its art design and outstanding voice cast

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Screenshots: own screen captures