Review: Manifold Garden

Nintendo SwitchWilliam Chyr StudiosAug 2020

Manifold Garden is a puzzle game in which the player needs to proceed from areal to the next activating switches using cuboids of matching colors which need to placed on them. The same cuboids are used to redirect water flows in order to activate some watermills which in turn open doors to the next area. The first key features is that the player can change the direction of gravity when ever he comes close to a wall, basically turning the whole world by 90 degrees. Whereas the players always falls according to the current direction of gravity the cuboids only follow the direction of gravity encoded by their color. The second key feature is the level’s design. Those usually do not have a delimiting end. Just proceeding enough in one direction the player arrives at the same position again (for example when falling from a platform) creating a feeling of endlessness.

Manifold Garden has a quite minimalistic art design with clear edges and geometries

The art design relies on a minimalist design with respect to both color and geometry giving Manifold Garden a unique “mathematical” look. There is a subtle relaxing soundtrack helping to keep concentrated also in some of the more complex puzzles. On handheld mode some slowdowns may occur on Switch occasionally without major impact on the gaming experience.

Although key game play mechanics sound simple Manifold Garden does a great job in creating new challenges throughout the whole 5-8 hour game. However some of the areas, usually the bigger ones, made me feel a bit lost and it took quite some time to figure out what to do actually.

Manifold Garden is an excellent game for those interested in challenging puzzle games as well as in unique art design.


  • unique art design
  • challenging puzzles based on gravity change and “endless” levels
  • relaxing and subtle soundtrack underline the mysterious atmosphere


  • one might get lost in the larger levels


Sample Title 84%


Challenging puzzle game in wonderfully designed world

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