Review: Super Mario Bros. Wonder


In Super Mario Bros. Wonder Mario return to a new 2D platform adventure. The game follows the classical formula of a set of theme-based worlds and level, different collectables, and precise platforming to reach the level exit.

The new wonders add a twist to each level: After collecting a wonder seed the level changes dynamically and bringing new challenges to Mario. These wonders come in a vast variety of appearances and challenges for the player. For example, once you have to navigate Mario through a shadow world in which both Mario and enemies can only be seen as shadows or in other occasions you have to escape from a sea of lava rising upwards towards you.

As known from previous Mario jump and runs you can again find items transforming Mario, for example transforming into an elephant who is able to destroy rocks and other obstacles or Fire-Mario allowing you to throw fireballs at enemies.

The combination of wonders and these transformations allow to play through levels in different styles. Moreover, as you will not find all wonders in the first run there is plenty of motivation for playing levels twice.

Technically the game comes with the well-known good graphics and visually of in-house Nintendo games and a good soundtrack. The latter lacks behind the iconic soundtrack of Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze but contributes well to the overall atmosphere.


  • variety of wonders to be found
  • motivation for multiple playthroughs
  • precise controls
  • suited for casual and advanced jump and run gamers


  • despite the wonders no big innovation
  • very basic storyline


Sample Title 90%


“Super Mario Bros. Wonders adds a wonderful twist on top of the known 2D-Mario gameplay. Again Nintendo created a brilliant Mario game with only small innovations making players looking forward for a new 3D Mario in the future”

Genre AlternativesYearPlatformVerdict
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze2018Switch92
Ori and the Will of the Wisps2020Switch91
Super Mario Bros. Wonder2023Switch90
Donkey Kong Country Returns2018Wii87
Yoshi’s Crafted World2023Switch84
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