Review: F1 23


As in every year racing fans can rely on a new Codemasters F1 game being released. With the return of the story mode Braking point and new feature implemented inside the new F1-World mode this year’s installment is for sure the most extensive game in Codemasters F1 history.

The story of Braking points builds upon the events of the story of the 2021 game around the competition and tension between the fictive F1 youngsters Aiden Jackson and Dave Butler. Deciding to also introduce a fictional team (Konner Sport) this year brings the advantage of more freedom in the narrative and avoids known F1 drivers missing from the grid. Compared to F1 2021 the story made a step forward. The narrative is more interesting, characters have at least a bit more of background and the intensions and their motivations aren’t always as black and white as in F1 2021. The presentation largely follows the same mix of cut scenes in the style of Netflix’s “Drive to Survive” series and race action with defined goals to be accomplished allowing to proceed to the next chapter. In addition, you have to manage the Konner Sports team by making decision with consequences along the story. Those decisions, as well as the performance during the race influence the publicity and performance score of your team. Phone calls and scrolling through team E-mail and social media add further to the storytelling. Throughout the campaign you will play in the role of multiple drivers and team managers giving enough variety and more insights on different characters whereas F1 2021 focused mainly on Aiden Jackson. Overall Braking point is a remarkable step forward in terms of storytelling, characters, and presentation.

The career-mode returns as in previous years allowing you to join an existing team as a driver or create a fully new team in My Team mode. In the latter you will be the number one driver of the team and principal of the team as well. The management is complex including management of team activities, sponsors, second driver contracts and upgrade of the team facilities. The research and development of new car part is also a crucial part in order bring your team to the top of F1. You invest resource points gained in practice sessions to develop new parts and upgrades for the aerodynamics, reliability, chassis, and engine of the car. Both driver and My Team career can be played in coop mode by two players. The career mode remained mostly unchanged compared to F1 2022 but is still a cornerstone for single players, focused to make their driver and team driver and constructors champion in Formula 1.

F1 World is the central hub for casual race series, individual grand prix events in both single and multiplayer, ranked multiplayer and time-trial. Whereas for time-trial and multiplayer sessions most things remained the same a new series of events was added allowing the player to collect various items which can be invested in cars and team upgrades. Every race in F1 World will score you various points and items. Those upgrades increase the performance level of your car and team and will unlock further race series events. The events range from quick races over small themed series (like a series of races in Europe) and scenario races in which you must fulfill a certain goal, like a minimal final position reached in the race. Supplementary goals can be selected from a virtual sales team giving you further bonuses. The loop of small gaming sessions, car and team upgrade and unlocking of further content is motivating, especially as also casual small play sessions are rewarded. It makes F1 2023 a game also motivating for single players who completed the career mode already or search a less complex racing experience. Moreover, the F1 World mode has a compendium, s virtual sticker album with real photos from the previous F1 season. Progress in F1 World will give you stickers which you can glue in here learning more about the tracks, teams, and drivers of F1.

Gameplaywise F1 World shows that the well-established series still can surprise with valuable new features. Unfortunately, the same cannot be told about the technical framework. The sound is still state of the art. The differences in sounds for the different F1 engine is a big plus carrier over from previous years, same as good voice cast for commentators and engineers. In contrast the visuals lack behind modern racing games. It is clearly noticeable the game is relying on an old engine. Whereas the car models still look acceptable with some nice reflection effects, the tracks and surroundings are purely outdated. In direct comparison to Gran Turismo 7 the difference is astonishing, and a new graphics engine is hopefully aimed for in F1 2024. The character models of the drivers in the grid, garage and podium ceremony also lack behind. For these parts using real photos and videos of the drivers would really add to the presentation as their virtual counterfeits look to much like characters from Bethesda games. Multiplayer sessions are easy to start but matchmaking and the sessions itself still have some glitches from time to time as in previous years. The safety ranking works well for ranked multiplayer. Unranked open lobbies are still often a crash show and penalizing erratic driving with time penalties and disqualification surely has further space for improvement.

In terms of controls the game made a step forward after the last years version had some questionable physics and vehicle behavior sometimes. Especially with a controller vehicles with a loose end can be controlled much better now and correction can be made much more easily and precisely especially during acceleration. The sudden snaps during high-speed corner drives also appear far less now making the behavior of the ground effect cars more realistic.

F1 2023 comes with the two new tracks for Qatar and Las Vegas. Both tracks are designed well within the limits of the old engine and are fun to drive. For Las Vegas the famous track-side buildings along the strip where properly modelled. The Qatar desert circuit is surely one of the most interesting courses overall with the combination of fast and fluent corners.

2023 is an excellent year in the history of Codemasters F1 games. Weaknesses in car controls and physics were resolved, all features from the previous year were kept, enhanced with the F1 World mode and the new tracks were modelled properly. As gameplaywise this is arguably the best F1 games in Codemasters history the technical framework is outdated, and we hope for a real next gen update for F1 2024.


  • story mode improved compare to F1 2023
  • improved controls especially when using controllers
  • F1 World motivates for casual play sessions
  • F1 compendium with F1 background information


  • outdated graphics (textures and track side models)
  • occasional glitches and instabilities in multiplayer


Sample Title 86%


“ F1 23 is the gameplaywise best F1 game Codemasters ever made suffering from its outdated visuals and old technical framework”

Screenshots: own screen captures