Review: Rez Infinite

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Rez Infinite is an arcade shooter originally released on Dreamcast in 2001. The new release for PSVR2 allows you to aim for enemies using the eye-tracking mechanism of the VR headset. While pressing the x button up to eight targets can be locked on by simply looking at them and releasing the button will lunch the shots towards them. This makes the game a special experience even though once accommodated to this mechanism it is much easier to play compared to classic controls using the controller to aim.

The game consists of the five levels of the original games and the Area-X. Whereas in the original levels you can only aim for enemies and the trajectory of your main character is fixed within Area-X you can also move freely. Together with the much more polished visuals and soundtrack of Area-X this level feels like the heart of the game and is surely most fun to play. However, also the classic levels offer enough for multiple playthroughs, as there is highscore-list to attack and different modes to try out (travelling mode, classic mode, assault). As usual for the arcade genre each stage ends with a special boss enemy having a unique design and own movement and attack pattern.

A single playthrough of all classic levels + Area X will last around 45 hours maximum. The short playtime, the beat-driven soundtrack matching the visual art-style and the fact that I never face motion sickness issues make Rez Infinite the perfect game for VR-starters.


  • great audio-visual experience in Area-X
  • aiming using eye-tracking feature of PSVR2
  • I had zero no motion sickness


  • classic levels lack a bit compared to Area-X (visuals and soundtrack)
  • overall a quite short game
  • eye tracking based controls make the game almost too easy


Sample Title 81%


“Eye-Tracking based aiming and the beautiful Area-X level make a playthrough of Rez Infinite the ideal game for VR beginners and short play sessions

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